Mary Anne Cummings
Scientist, Artist, Designer
About Mary Anne


  • Fine Line Creative Arts Center, Oil and Soft Pastel
  • College of DuPage, Interior Design
  • University of Michigan, B. Sc., Ph. D., Particle Physics
  • Our Lady of Mercy High School, Farmington, MI, Attitude and Questioning

Life in Aurora

  • I moved here after my Ph. D. to work at Fermilab. I wanted to work nowhere else in particle physics at the time. Because of its interesting geography, diverse population and cool old Victorians (that I could afford), I wanted to live nowhere else in the suburbs but Aurora.
  • I have lived here over 20 years, and am on my second rehab-project Victorian House. In 2009, I won the Mayor’s Restoration Award for restoring a dilapidated carriage house in my backyard.
  • I am single woman with cats. I love cats. I hate to see strays that are having a hard time. You should keep your babies indoors, spayed or neutered, with lots of attention.
  • I have opened my house to troubled children and people struggling with addiction and mental issues
  • I am a scientist (particle physics) and COO of a small scientific research company stationed at Fermilab.


  • Over the years I’ve canvassed and campaigned for many local, state and presidential candidates.
  • I’ve been a Wesley Clark and Bernie Sanders delegate.
  • I am a Progressive, and believe in engaging locally for the benefit of my neighborhood, city and larger community.
  • I am a strong advocate for the public commons: our public spaces, architecture and environment, and public services available to all, particularly the most needy and vulnerable.

Update on Grey

March 1, 2017: So, some sad news on Grey. I took him to Sugar Grove animal hospital on Wednesday for exploratory surgery and possible removal of an upper GI tumor. Sadly, not operable - the tumor was growing out of the mesenteric artery. I brought him home. He's recovering post-op fine, eating sparingly. In a few days, after the vet has studied the biopsy, we'll start him on Prednisone - a steroid that can give him a good quality of life for a month or two. When he is ready, the vet will come by the house and help him pass on. I took this pic before the op. He is getting skinny, but still a beautiful cat (on the left).  
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